keeping tech simple.

building digital experiences, simplistically.

let's bring your vision into reality, together.

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our expertise.


  • user research
  • information architecture
  • wireframing and mockups
  • interaction design
  • layman testing


  • marketing sites
  • eCommerce sites
  • blogs and CMSes
  • admin panels
  • custom web app


  • solution architecture
  • monitoring and control
  • devops
  • system administration
  • technical support


  • firmware development
  • embedded systems
  • integration and control
  • smart systems
  • security and networking

tools that make us, us.

development and testing tools


ReactJS - NextJS


SQL - NoSQL - In-Memory DBs

Nginx - Apache

Linux Systems

Gitlab / Github

Zephyr Scale

Asterisk - eJabberd

Asterisk - eJabberd

Visual Studio Code

No-Code Solutions

infrastructure tools

Amazon AWS

Google Cloud


Docker - Kubernetes

TICK Stack

Ansible  - Teleport



Adobe XD

After Effects


Visual Studio Code

administration tools

Jira and Confluence






Gitlab - Github - Bitbucket

After Effects


Visual Studio Code

A few things 🙄
clients normally ask us:

What is your work dicipline?

Our mission statement has emphasis on the importance of simplicity, communication, collaboration, transparency, and automation in our projects. We strongly believe that any problem can be solved by simple and consistent communication and care.

We are committed to delivering high-quality work that meets the needs of our clients and their end-users, and we prioritize understanding those needs and addressing them promptly and efficiently. Additionally, we are highly responsive and dedicated to providing support and addressing any issues that may arise, anytime.

To summarize, if you choose to share your problem or idea with us, then we are in this together to solve it and make it a reality. The commitment is to deliver the best possible value to our clients, all while keeping IT simple and silly!

What is your location & timezone?

We're proud to have a distributed team based in Toronto, Canada and Ahmedabad, India.

This unique advantage allows us to work around the clock and provide 24/7 support and service to our clients. With team members in different time zones, we're able to leverage our diverse skills and expertise to deliver innovative solutions and provide prompt, efficient service, no matter where you are in the world.

How often can we communicate?

We believe that effective communication is key to the success of any project, and we strive to establish a communication plan that meets the needs of all stakeholders. We understand that every project is unique and may require a different approach to communication, so we work with you to determine the best way to keep in touch, whether that's through daily check-ins, weekly status updates, or something else entirely.

We also believe in the importance of understanding the requirements fully, and we make it a point to be in constant touch with the actual end-users to ensure that we are meeting their needs. We schedule regular touchpoints to ensure that we are aligned on project progress, and we are always open to feedback and adjusting our approach if necessary.

We are available for regular meetings or calls to discuss progress and any issues or concerns that may arise, and we also make ourselves available for ad-hoc communication as needed, via email, phone, or other channels. We believe that clear communication is the foundation of a successful project, and we work hard to ensure that we have a clear communication plan in place that works for everyone involved.

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